This is our collection of Grapette stuff. The Grapette Company was founded by Benjamin Tyndle (B.T.) Fooks, who was a distant relative of Nancy's. Both Nancy and Tyndle are direct descendants of William Fookes of Worcester County, Md.

Grapette Bottle
  Click here for "The Grapette Story", a history of Grapette.
  Click here for an excerpt from the "Fooks Family" with a 1950 biographical sketch of B. T. Fooks.


Grapette Collectors Club

If you have an interest in Grapette, then you need to join the Grapette Collectors Club! We have an annual get-together where we buy/sell/trade Grapette collectables, plus members receive the information-filled club newsletter.

To join, fill out a membership application and mail it to Chris Bradley. Click here for a printable copy of the membership application.